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Like any responsible company, we always look to the future.

We would like to continue to grow and innovate in Atlantic Canada, and we see an opportunity to build on our business in Nova Scotia.

Cooke Aquaculture Inc. has been granted the option of exploring expansion opportunities in Liverpool Bay.

More information about the regulatory process for acquiring aquaculture leases and licences in Nova Scotia, is available through Nova Scotia’s Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture.

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About Cooke Aquaculture


Cooke Aquaculture Inc. is a family owned and managed company that has operated a sustainable aquaculture business in Atlantic Canada for over 30 years.

Cooke Aquaculture Inc. operates ten sea sites in Nova Scotia. We also have an administration office and maintenance facility in the Bridgewater area. In addition, we own Northeast Nutrition Inc., which operates a feed facility in Truro.




Cooke Aquaculture Inc. is in the initial phases of exploring expansion opportunities in the below area in Liverpool Bay. At this time, this is only an exploratory process for an Option to Lease and is not an aquaculture licence or lease.

Liverpool Bay Option Area

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